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Emily White's Love Letter to Her Readers...

A Love Letter from Emily White to her Readers:

It's a month for love and there's nothing I love more about the publishing life than meeting new readers. That's why, a few months ago, I made a pretty huge announcement. I doubt it had any far-reaching effects. And I seriously doubt many people even heard about it. But I want everyone to know:

After doing ALL the things and checking off ALL the lists, I never really felt like I'd accomplished anything in my career. I'd grown up dreaming about signing a contract with a publishing company, and I did that. But after that was done, I dreamt about the next contract, and having my books read around the world, and maybe hitting a bestseller list. And I did all that. But still not so much happiness. I had moments of happiness. Of absolute joy, even. And it hit me last November that those moments came when I was meeting new readers or getting emails from them. They came in certain minutes of the day when a reader tweeted me or sent me a private message on facebook. 

I realized that I just Not hitting milestones. Just you. 

And I want more of you. More awesome moments on twitter or facebook! More readers who become friends! More! More! More!

And I also want to make you happy. Because you're awesome, and you deserve it.

So I made the announcement that my books would be free. All of them, for all time. Old ones and new.

I know a lot of people might think I'm crazy. A lot of people who think I should get paid for my hard work. But that's the thing. To ME, readers are the payment. Especially readers I get socialize with. 

Now, since November, a hard reality hit me. Amazon doesn't allow free so much anymore, and I am by no means skilled at the computer. And since my decision to give my work away for free doesn't necessarily mean I want to force an inferior product on you, I've had to hire an interior designer to do all the formatting and make everything pretty and easy to read. She's doing an AMAZING job on FAE right now, and as soon as she's done with it I'll be sending Elemental to her.

So with that in mind, I've had to get my thinking cap on, and here's what I've come up with:

My books will ALWAYS be free on wattpad and smash words, and you may find the links below. 

Unfortunately, the free version on smashwords will be formatted by me and contain some errors in that regard. I might get better at this over the years. I'm really hoping I do so that quality AND free can go hand-in-hand. I will also upload all my books on wattpad chapter by chapter, which doesn't have any formatting problems since it's a simple copy/paste.

Amazon and Kobo will have the beautifully formatted and designed interior version for $.99. There will also be a paperback version on amazon that will be the very lowest createspace will allow me to price it.

I hope all of you enjoy my books, and I hope you realize just how much I appreciate each and every one of you. Without you guys I'm just a crazy loon with voices in my head. :)

Author Bio:

Emily White is a nerd. 

She prefers her men fully clothed and donning bowties, her commas British, her books cheesy with big, overly-dramatic explosions, her characters awkward and endearingly real, and watching her movies in authentic turn-of-the-century theaters. When not exposing her nerdy self to the world, she's creating her own friends and putting them in horrible, yet sometimes humorous situations.

Reviews for Elemental:

"I'm calling it right now. Elemental is the beginning of the next big YA series. And here's why:

Does Elemental have a strong female voice that young women can admire?




Is it nauseating and cringe-worthy romance?

Heck no. I can safely say that I could give a copy of Elemental to my guy friends without fear of getting punched in the nose.

Thorough world-building?

Double Triple Quadruple Check.

A kick-ass plot?

Check POW!

Seriously, this book is great and you should most definitely CHECK it out." --Dan Cohen, author of Masters of the Veil

"Blending aspects of science fiction, fantasy, and romance, debut author Emily White’s Elemental is an incredibly intriguing...start to a series." --Foreword Reviews

"Here is another one of those stories that really had me from the first page. There was a constant unraveling of the story as the world became more and more magical and dangerous. The need to turn the pages to figure out how dangerous Ella really was. It all really builds in anticipation each chapter and even a bit of romance thrown in. I would recommend this first to science fiction lovers and secondly to fantasy readers... I didn't just like this story, I loved it." --Krista (CubicleBlindnessReviews), Goodreads

"The ending is amazing! Yes, a lot of questions do get answered, but we're left with a few and with a small cliffhanger too! Which is amazing and was so perfectly well written! I can honestly say that this is one of those rare books were you are satisfied just enough to be able to wait a bit for that next book to be released!" --The Bumble Girl {Margie}, Goodreads

"Let me tell you that I loved the worlds Emily created in this book... I felt like I was there--aboard ships, on other planets. This is one of those stories where the setting is a character in itself. It added to the conflict and hiked up the tension." --Kelly Hashway, Author of Touched by Death

"Elemental is a pounding, relentless story of a young girl facing trouble and terror from all sides. Sure, Ella has been imprisoned for most of her young life, and sure, she’s got people trying to actively kill her- and a god searching for her so he can destroy her- but she’s also fighting a power within herself that is even more frightening than anything her enemies can throw at her... The atmosphere is disturbing and the danger is ever present. Altogether, this is an exciting science fiction fairy tale for girls and boys alike, with touches of romance and lots and LOTS of action." --Kendra Saunders, author of Death and Mr. Right and Inanimate Objects.

"I mean, who thinks of combining dystopia with faeries? It’s ingenious! And the story line and writing just completed the whole thing, with great staging. All the events flowed together perfectly, leading up to an amazing climax. Perfect work, Emily White." --Emily @ Emily's Crammed Bookshelf, Goodreads review

Review for To Love or Die in a Steamy-Reamy World:

"To Love or Die in a Steamy-Reamy World is a delightful anthology of short stories that all take place in Steamville. This steampunk themed book is filled with colorful characters who find themselves in fairly normal situations, which makes their tales relatable as well as entertaining. I loved that author Emily White tied each of the individual stories together not just with the location, but through the everyday interactions that people have when living in a small town." --Compulsion Reads

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Frigid - J. Lynn (Jennifer L. Armentrout) Sneak a Peek!!!

Today is an exciting day - we have FOUR HUGE SURPRISES for you! Jennifer L. Armentrout's (writing as J. Lynn) FRIGID is set to release on e-book at the end of July. If you're anything like us, you're probably on pins and needles and just cannot wait to get your hands on a copy of this book.
FRIGID has already been given the honor of being named a Romantic Times Top Pick and we're super excited for you to be able to read it as well!
Well, there's good news! Are you ready for those four awesome surprises? Here we go!
1. Due to all the excitement surrounding FRIGID, we have decided to run a special e-book pre-order promotion. We have worked out a deal with the distributor to release FRIGID a full two weeks early -- on JULY 15th!!! -- if we meet our e-book pre-order goal. EEEEP! That's right, if you are like the rest of us and want to be able to read FRIGID in its entirety before its original release date, all you have to do is PRE-ORDER THE E-BOOK NOW! What are you waiting for? GO! Pre-order it!

Pre-Order Links: Barnes & Noble / Amazon

2. Need something to hold you over until FRIGID releases? Well, starting right now, you can read the first three chapters of FRIGID for free! Just read below! 
3. Can’t get enough of the hot FRIGID cover? Want to see some behind the scenes photos that are sure to make you swoon? You’re in luck! Below you can watch a slideshow of all the behind the scenes photos from the photo shoot! Go on and watch it. We’ll wait, because there is still one more great surprise! 4. And last but not least, if you live near Philadelphia, PA, you're in for a very special treat -- Jennifer will be in Philly in November signing not only FRIGID but also the last book in her immensely popular COVENANT series, SENTINEL! But that's not all, Adam, the super hot cover model from FRIGID will be there as well! So, yes, you'll get to meet Jennifer and Adam! Plus, there will be other great prizes that you seriously won't want to miss out on (dinner with the author and model, perhaps?)! Stay tuned for more details to come! We hope you're as excited as we are! So now....Go pre-order FRIGID! Go read those chapters! Go watch that slideshow! And Enjoy!
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Destined to Succeed - Lisa Harley | Book Review

Rating : C+

Author: Lisa Harley
Publisher: Self published / Lisa Harley
Release Date: June 2013
Genre & Age Group: Romance / Adult
Goodreads Rating: 4.57/5Amazon Rating: 4,8/5
Destined to Succeed, the second book in Lisa Harley's Destined Series, was our guest for Release Event last week. I haven't read the first book, but really, I haven't felt anything missing, except for wondering Cade's relationship with Loralei and how she could have not choosen him. ;) - have I mentioned, I want me a Cade please :D... 
Destined to Succeed is Cade's and his childhood best friend Suzanna's story. The book begins from the end of Destined to Change, with a short Prologue. And then its pace increases with a tragic event on the farm in present. Then the story of Cade and Suzy B starts from their first meeting at the age of nine. We read their friendship and their growing love with the important moments they share, as if looking through an old photo album, with a smile on our face. The love for each other is so palpable, you can almost feel it yourself. 
Cade Walker is handsome, cocky and a little (!) arrogant, a typical women's men. But with all these traits, when it came to Suzanna, he is caring, protective and sensitive... but they are - and can be - just friends!!!  He lost his parents and shouldered the responsibility of the Walker Ranch at an early age. And loosing his best friend during the same time to a marriage wasn't helping either. He was definitely a womanizer, and every woman was after him - he is what you'd call a sex on a stick - damn! I am not a cowboy fan and even I wanted to have him for myself ;) But he wasn't really interested in them, except for some fun, he never had with any of them what he had with Suzanna once.  My heart went out to him during those days, I must admit... 

Suzanna is sweet and always loyal, she made sure her love for Cade could be seen by the reader from the first moment she laid eyes on him. However, I would be lying, if I say, I never thought to shake some sense into her!!! ;) She was in an abusive marriage with her longtime boyfriend, Branch, from the first day of their marriage I should add. She felt as if, she had no choice and this was her destiny - which I will never understand why - she chose this life. I felt broken for her and IzzyB, especially Izzy B - I had a daughter same age and couldn't bare the thought of happiness around sweet Izzy B. Noone should bare this type of abuse. Wish she reached out for help sooner... 
“Son, when you find the right one, you’ll just know it. Your dick won’t pick her. Your heart will. Always listen to your heart, because your dick can be a lyin’ bastard.”~ Cody
During their teenage years, they came to cross the thin line between a friendship and being lovers, but they didn't have luck on their side; they moved on to others - though they were always close through their lives. SuzyQ had an abusive marriage, that she could only stand for her lovely daughter IzzyB and nothing else to make her happy. And Cade had his share of women; many who he can't even remember their names...

This wasn't my usual cup of tea; however, I really enjoyed reading it and loved Cade, I must add. Lisa didn't just put a simple love story out there; she showed family bonds, friendship and a heavy subject-matter; domestic violence, but never overwhelm the reader or take these issues lightly. Even though I wanted to strangle the two main characters at times, their feelings and frustrations were perfectly reflected which helped the readers to connect them, in a perfect sense. 
I would suggest this book to any romance reader, and fans of sweet love story fans with some taste of reality in their books; you can grab your cold drink - let me warn you, you will need that cold drink at times with Cade out there!!! - settle on your comfy couch, and get ready to have a couple of hours of fun with this fast read. I will definitely be checking out the next book in the series...

Cade walked up behind me and pulled my hand with the shot glass up to his mouth. He had me press it to his lips as he slammed it back. He was standing so close to me. His chest was pressed against my shoulder. 
“You havin’ a party without me, hon?” I could feel his breath against my neck. 
“A party just ain’t a party without Cade Walker, right?” I was trying to be funny, but my voice was shaky because he was just too close for me to think straight. He gently turned me around to face him. I felt his finger under my chin as he tilted my head up to look at him. His eyes were smoldering and this might have been the shots talking, but he was totally kissing me with those eyes.
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Destined to Succeed - Lisa Harley | Character Interview - Suzanna Mallory

In Lisa Harley's Destined to Succeed Blog Tour, my Turkish blog is one of the stops, you can find my review and a character interview about the book in Turkish @ TugceninKitapligi, and here on T's Bookshelves the English translation. First here is our lovely interview with sweet Suzanna Mallory (AKA Suzy B.) Enjoy!!! 
488271_178041389013794_2028850063_nHi Suzanna, I know you are pretty busy with the little men and the ranch, but thank you for sparing us your time. Destined to Succeed has recently been published, but unfortunately my Turkish readers are not very familiar with neither the book nor Cade and yourself. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Thank you for hosting! My name is Suzanna Mallory.  I'm from a really small town in Missouri.  I have a little girl named Isabella, who is the light of my life.  I grew up with Cade Walker...and well everything else you need to know about me you can find in Destined to Succeed. :)
Yes, I believe we have a real chance to know you better in Destined to Succeed. So let me ask you about your first encounter with Cade. You were nine years old when you walked down the hall of your new school, amd met Cade sitting there, what did you think when you noticed him first? 
I thought he had the most amazing eyes I'd ever seen.  They were like green ice...I'd never, nor have I since, seen anything like them. Oh, and I kinda realized he got in trouble a lot at school.  Why else would he be sitting out in the hall all alone?
We have mentioned your childhood days, so please tell us; what were three things you liked to do when you were a child?
Spending time with the Walker's was my all-time favorite thing to do.  Cade and I would play down at the pond, or Candy would teach me how to cook something or sew a little bit, and the Walker boys were just a blast to hang around with.
Ah! Yes, Walker boys... How was your relation with the other Walker boys, it sounded like you had a lot of brothers, how was it like growing up with all those handsome boys?
They were all like brothers to me.  My childhood would've been miserable without the Walker's. I thank God everyday for them...especially one of them. ;)
Yes especially one of them :) When did you first realize your relationship with Cade might change?
My relationship with Cade was always a little different than the relationship I shared with the other Walker boys.  Cade and I were always close.  I really thought we could only be friends, but I guess some things are just meant to be.
You were very close with Cade, why did you never confront him on what you heard?
Because I was a stupid teenager with a broken heart.  When I heard him say those things, it never entered my mind that he was talking about someone else.  It all made perfect sense to my emotional teenage self.
How did it feel when you thought Cade was in love with another woman, after so many years? Did you ever talk to him about Loralei?
At the time it was all happening, no, I didn't talk to him to much about her.  I was interested to know more about the type of woman she was, but I got most of that from an internet search.  I think deep down I knew that hearing Cade talk about her would hurt me too much, so I didn't ask much about her.  We have talked about her since then, and I understand it now.
What do you think it would be like if you ever told Cade that you loved him?
We told each other that all the time - we just said it more as friends. (or so we thought) I think we both knew every time we said those words to each other, we meant them with all our heart.  I wish things had been different, but I honestly believe that we had to go through everything to get to where we are right now.
You have to admit, you were both very very stubborn!! :) What is it you have never told anyone?
A lady never tells her deepest secrets...actually, my deepest secret came out in Destined to Succeed.  That secret was almost my undoing.  And I am so glad that it's finally off my chest.
The feeling is mutual, I thought we lost you there, for a bit. How is life going after a new Walker boy is in the family?
Oh my goodness...we could not be happier.  He just made everything perfect.  We feel like we really came full circle to become the family we always dreamed of.

Thank you so much Suzy Q and please send my love to Cade ;) and lots of kisses to those little ones... 
And here is a little surprise for you all;

A Playlist for Destined to Succeed... 

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Destined to Succeed - Lisa Harley | Book Launch


Goodreads Puanı: 4.86/5
Amazon Puanı: 5.00/5

What would you do if what you worked your entire life to build was suddenly destroyed?
Cade Walker is a cowboy Casanova. He’s cocky and he doesn’t care who knows it. He was raised on Walker Ranch and was destined to one day take it over. What he didn’t know was how soon that would happen. After his parents are killed in a car accident he is thrust into becoming a responsible adult. Well, sort of. Cade is always responsible when it comes to business, but pleasure, now that’s a whole other story.
Suzanna Mallory is a red-headed spitfire, who also happens to be Cade’s best friend. She has loved Cade since they met when they were nine years old, but Cade just isn’t the type to get married and settle down. Suzanna finds herself in an abusive marriage and the only thing that keeps her sane is her daughter, Isabella, and working with Cade at Walker Ranch.
 When a fire threatens to destroy the future of Walker Ranch, Cade and Suzanna have to work together to save it.
 What will this mean for her marriage or to the feelings that she has for Cade?
 And now that Cade thought he found love with Loralei Harper, only to realize she didn’t feel the same way, is he ready to settle down?
 Is Cade Walker Destined to Succeed?



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Broken Dreams - Dawn Pendleton | Cover Reveal & Giveaway

Release August 1st, 2013

Dawn Pendleton is excited to announce the cover reveal of her second new adult novel: Broken Dreams!!

Broken Dreams, Book 2 of the Broken Series

Rainey Daniels has been keeping a secret since she left her hometown, three years ago. The death of a friend’s father, though, has her questioning whether or not running away from her past is what’s best for her future. Add sexy Chris Baker in the mix and she’s even more unsure. After all, life is short.

Baker is an all-around good guy with a great sense of humor struggling to keep his new bar afloat. And he always thought Rainey was hot, even when she carried a few extra pounds in high school. Hell, he thinks she’s too skinny now. He knows she’s hiding something, too, but when he pushes the issue, she pushes him away. He tries not to care; she only wants a summer fling, right? But when her life is threatened, he realizes he may just be in love with her… and then he learns her secret.

Can they find love together before it’s too late?

First in the series

For a limited time only, BROKEN PROMISES will be $.99

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UNTOUCHED Release Party Blitz

Emerson Ray is trouble. Juliet knows it the minute she lays eyes on Cedar Cove’s resident bad boy. Forced to spend her summer before college in the sleepy beach town, she never expected to crash into the most devastating guy she’s ever met—or for Emerson’s blue eyes to strip through her dark secrets, and make her feel a desire she’s never known. Their connection is undeniable, but Juliet is torn. She knows, once she gives him everything, there’ll be no turning back.

Juliet McKenzie is dangerous. Emerson can tell from the way she blows through all his defences, laying bare the demons he’s carried alone all his life. He’s left a trail of broken hearts and empty beds in his wake, but Juliet is different. Her innocence is intoxicating—and the passion she keeps hidden, just below the surface. He wants to be the only one to set it free, but with every kiss, he’s closer to losing control and doing the one thing he swore he never would: fall in love.

One summer. Two damaged hearts. Their story is only just beginning…

UNTOUCHED is a prequel novella to the USA Today Bestselling UNBROKEN. It also can be read as a stand-alone story.

“Hey,” he grins, easy, and slides his hand around the back of my neck, pulling me in for a long, lazy kiss. My heart is racing as I taste him, mint and coffee, and something else, something all Emerson.

“You ready?”He puts the truck back in drive, and then slings his right arm around my shoulder. I snuggle closer, reveling in the touch of him.

“Ready for what?” I ask, as he turns out of town.

“This is our first date.” Emerson announces.

“Really?” I laugh. “I thought we were a long way past that.”

Like, three bases past.

I blush at the reminder, and I can tell from his wolfish grin that Emerson's thinking the same thing.

“A girl like you deserves a real date,” Emerson declares. “Not just groping in the dark somewhere.”

“In case you’ve forgotten, I kind of liked the whole groping in the dark thing,” I say, amazed at my boldness.

Emerson laughs. “Only kind of? Sweetheart, if that was you kind of liking something, I can’t wait to see what happens when you love it.”

“You'll just have to find out then, won't you?” I tease.

“Oh, I will. Believe me, baby. I've got plans for the two of us.” Emerson gives me that look again, dark and wild. He curves his lips into a teasing grin.

Melody Grace is a small-town girl turned SoCal beach lover. After spending her life with her nose in a book, she decided it was time she wrote one herself. She loves steamy romance novels, happily-ever-afters, and lusting after fictional menfolk.

UNTOUCHED is available today!

Celebrate with Melody Grace on Facebook! All day today she will chatting with readers about UNBROKEN and UNTOUCHED, and answering some of your questions!


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Broken Promises - Dawn Pendleton | Blog Tour

After three years in Boston attending college, Mallory Wells has come home to Casper, Maine to care for her father, who is dying from cancer. She left Casper without looking back, leaving her small-town life and everyone in it, behind. Including her sexy high school sweetheart.

Luke Bates was devastated when Mallory left him for the city life. He managed to pull himself together and move on, even if only just barely. When Mallory shows up in town, Luke vows to stay away from her at all costs. So why does he keep checking in on her and her father, showing up when he's clearly uninvited? Maybe Luke isn't as 'over her' as he thought.

Dawn Pendleton is a New Adult & Young Adult author living in Maine with her husband and pup.

Right now, she's working on two manuscripts simultaneously. It's a difficult task for her, but one she's certain will pay off in the end.

Want to meet Dawn?

She is also one of the featured authors of the New Adult Sleepover Weekend. You can find all the details here.

Website † GoodReads † Twitter † Facebook 

Make sure to check out the blog tour kicking off on Monday, May 13th -- HERE.

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