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Destined to Succeed - Lisa Harley | Book Review

Rating : C+

Author: Lisa Harley
Publisher: Self published / Lisa Harley
Release Date: June 2013
Genre & Age Group: Romance / Adult
Goodreads Rating: 4.57/5Amazon Rating: 4,8/5
Destined to Succeed, the second book in Lisa Harley's Destined Series, was our guest for Release Event last week. I haven't read the first book, but really, I haven't felt anything missing, except for wondering Cade's relationship with Loralei and how she could have not choosen him. ;) - have I mentioned, I want me a Cade please :D... 
Destined to Succeed is Cade's and his childhood best friend Suzanna's story. The book begins from the end of Destined to Change, with a short Prologue. And then its pace increases with a tragic event on the farm in present. Then the story of Cade and Suzy B starts from their first meeting at the age of nine. We read their friendship and their growing love with the important moments they share, as if looking through an old photo album, with a smile on our face. The love for each other is so palpable, you can almost feel it yourself. 
Cade Walker is handsome, cocky and a little (!) arrogant, a typical women's men. But with all these traits, when it came to Suzanna, he is caring, protective and sensitive... but they are - and can be - just friends!!!  He lost his parents and shouldered the responsibility of the Walker Ranch at an early age. And loosing his best friend during the same time to a marriage wasn't helping either. He was definitely a womanizer, and every woman was after him - he is what you'd call a sex on a stick - damn! I am not a cowboy fan and even I wanted to have him for myself ;) But he wasn't really interested in them, except for some fun, he never had with any of them what he had with Suzanna once.  My heart went out to him during those days, I must admit... 

Suzanna is sweet and always loyal, she made sure her love for Cade could be seen by the reader from the first moment she laid eyes on him. However, I would be lying, if I say, I never thought to shake some sense into her!!! ;) She was in an abusive marriage with her longtime boyfriend, Branch, from the first day of their marriage I should add. She felt as if, she had no choice and this was her destiny - which I will never understand why - she chose this life. I felt broken for her and IzzyB, especially Izzy B - I had a daughter same age and couldn't bare the thought of happiness around sweet Izzy B. Noone should bare this type of abuse. Wish she reached out for help sooner... 
“Son, when you find the right one, you’ll just know it. Your dick won’t pick her. Your heart will. Always listen to your heart, because your dick can be a lyin’ bastard.”~ Cody
During their teenage years, they came to cross the thin line between a friendship and being lovers, but they didn't have luck on their side; they moved on to others - though they were always close through their lives. SuzyQ had an abusive marriage, that she could only stand for her lovely daughter IzzyB and nothing else to make her happy. And Cade had his share of women; many who he can't even remember their names...

This wasn't my usual cup of tea; however, I really enjoyed reading it and loved Cade, I must add. Lisa didn't just put a simple love story out there; she showed family bonds, friendship and a heavy subject-matter; domestic violence, but never overwhelm the reader or take these issues lightly. Even though I wanted to strangle the two main characters at times, their feelings and frustrations were perfectly reflected which helped the readers to connect them, in a perfect sense. 
I would suggest this book to any romance reader, and fans of sweet love story fans with some taste of reality in their books; you can grab your cold drink - let me warn you, you will need that cold drink at times with Cade out there!!! - settle on your comfy couch, and get ready to have a couple of hours of fun with this fast read. I will definitely be checking out the next book in the series...

Cade walked up behind me and pulled my hand with the shot glass up to his mouth. He had me press it to his lips as he slammed it back. He was standing so close to me. His chest was pressed against my shoulder. 
“You havin’ a party without me, hon?” I could feel his breath against my neck. 
“A party just ain’t a party without Cade Walker, right?” I was trying to be funny, but my voice was shaky because he was just too close for me to think straight. He gently turned me around to face him. I felt his finger under my chin as he tilted my head up to look at him. His eyes were smoldering and this might have been the shots talking, but he was totally kissing me with those eyes.
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