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Destined to Succeed - Lisa Harley | Character Interview - Suzanna Mallory

In Lisa Harley's Destined to Succeed Blog Tour, my Turkish blog is one of the stops, you can find my review and a character interview about the book in Turkish @ TugceninKitapligi, and here on T's Bookshelves the English translation. First here is our lovely interview with sweet Suzanna Mallory (AKA Suzy B.) Enjoy!!! 
488271_178041389013794_2028850063_nHi Suzanna, I know you are pretty busy with the little men and the ranch, but thank you for sparing us your time. Destined to Succeed has recently been published, but unfortunately my Turkish readers are not very familiar with neither the book nor Cade and yourself. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Thank you for hosting! My name is Suzanna Mallory.  I'm from a really small town in Missouri.  I have a little girl named Isabella, who is the light of my life.  I grew up with Cade Walker...and well everything else you need to know about me you can find in Destined to Succeed. :)
Yes, I believe we have a real chance to know you better in Destined to Succeed. So let me ask you about your first encounter with Cade. You were nine years old when you walked down the hall of your new school, amd met Cade sitting there, what did you think when you noticed him first? 
I thought he had the most amazing eyes I'd ever seen.  They were like green ice...I'd never, nor have I since, seen anything like them. Oh, and I kinda realized he got in trouble a lot at school.  Why else would he be sitting out in the hall all alone?
We have mentioned your childhood days, so please tell us; what were three things you liked to do when you were a child?
Spending time with the Walker's was my all-time favorite thing to do.  Cade and I would play down at the pond, or Candy would teach me how to cook something or sew a little bit, and the Walker boys were just a blast to hang around with.
Ah! Yes, Walker boys... How was your relation with the other Walker boys, it sounded like you had a lot of brothers, how was it like growing up with all those handsome boys?
They were all like brothers to me.  My childhood would've been miserable without the Walker's. I thank God everyday for them...especially one of them. ;)
Yes especially one of them :) When did you first realize your relationship with Cade might change?
My relationship with Cade was always a little different than the relationship I shared with the other Walker boys.  Cade and I were always close.  I really thought we could only be friends, but I guess some things are just meant to be.
You were very close with Cade, why did you never confront him on what you heard?
Because I was a stupid teenager with a broken heart.  When I heard him say those things, it never entered my mind that he was talking about someone else.  It all made perfect sense to my emotional teenage self.
How did it feel when you thought Cade was in love with another woman, after so many years? Did you ever talk to him about Loralei?
At the time it was all happening, no, I didn't talk to him to much about her.  I was interested to know more about the type of woman she was, but I got most of that from an internet search.  I think deep down I knew that hearing Cade talk about her would hurt me too much, so I didn't ask much about her.  We have talked about her since then, and I understand it now.
What do you think it would be like if you ever told Cade that you loved him?
We told each other that all the time - we just said it more as friends. (or so we thought) I think we both knew every time we said those words to each other, we meant them with all our heart.  I wish things had been different, but I honestly believe that we had to go through everything to get to where we are right now.
You have to admit, you were both very very stubborn!! :) What is it you have never told anyone?
A lady never tells her deepest secrets...actually, my deepest secret came out in Destined to Succeed.  That secret was almost my undoing.  And I am so glad that it's finally off my chest.
The feeling is mutual, I thought we lost you there, for a bit. How is life going after a new Walker boy is in the family?
Oh my goodness...we could not be happier.  He just made everything perfect.  We feel like we really came full circle to become the family we always dreamed of.

Thank you so much Suzy Q and please send my love to Cade ;) and lots of kisses to those little ones... 
And here is a little surprise for you all;

A Playlist for Destined to Succeed... 


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